Welcome to our Virtual Showroom

Where originality and refinement converge, reflecting the true value of luxury.

Step into our captivating virtual showroom, a space where the essence of Michele Pagano's atelier comes to life. Since 2006, our showroom on Via Roma has been a sanctuary for those seeking extraordinary pieces of furniture and design for their homes.

As you enter our showroom, you will be transported into a realm of boundless possibilities. It goes beyond the conventional notion of a vintage-inspired space, embracing its own unique character.


At Capri Interiors, we believe in the seamless blend of modernity and tradition. Our carefully selected collection showcases articles that are far from illusory; they are tangible representations of exceptional craftsmanship and artistic vision.

The captivating allure of our pieces will captivate your senses, leaving you inspired and eager to elevate the beauty of your own living spaces.

It is here that you will find exclusive collections brimming with life and personality, waiting to be embraced and cherished in your home.

Let the ambiance and allure of Capri Interiors inspire you to create your own masterpiece, as you embark on a journey of exceptional taste and sophistication.

Our showroom is a testament to Michele Pagano’s passion, transformed into an extraordinary profession. It is a place where art and design intertwine, forming an enchanting symphony that celebrates the pursuit of beauty.

Each piece resonates with its own story, meticulously chosen by Michele Pagano himself, who has an impeccable eye for style and quality.

From timeless classics to innovative designs, our showroom presents a harmonious fusion of past inspirations and contemporary concepts.

Immerse yourself in a world of captivating design.