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Welcome to Capri Interiors, where fantasy and inspiration come together to create a world of unparalleled design.

Step into Michele Pagano’s atelier, a haven of artistic excellence that has captivated visitors for over 15 years. With a discerning eye for the extraordinary, Michele has curated a collection of unique furniture and decorative objects that will leave you spellbound.

Discover a carefully selected range of renowned international brands alongside one-of-a-kind artisanal creations.

Our boutique located on Capri Island, is a treasure trove of eclectic and luxurious pieces, blending the charm of vintage and Art Deco with modern architectural solutions and new materials.  Each item has been handpicked by Michele himself, ensuring that no two pieces are alike.

"Capri Interiors is a hidden gem that I stumbled upon during my visit to Capri. Michele's curated collection is truly extraordinary. I found the perfect vintage armchair that now sits proudly in my living room. The attention to detail and the personalized service made my shopping experience unforgettable."

 Emma, New York, USA.

"Capri Interiors offers a captivating journey through the world of design. Michele's passion for art and craftsmanship is evident in every piece he showcases. I was drawn to the exquisite collection of handcrafted ceramics and unique lighting fixtures. The team's warm hospitality and insightful recommendations made my visit a memorable one."

Liam, Sydney, Australia.

"I am a passionate collector of unique design pieces, and Capri Interiors exceeded my expectations. Michele's expertise and impeccable taste in selecting one-of-a-kind furniture and decorative objects is remarkable. The moment I stepped into his atelier, I knew I had found a treasure trove for design enthusiasts like me."

Juan, Barcelona, Spain.

Feel the allure of fine fabrics and exceptional materials that will transform your spaces into realms of unparalleled beauty. Marvel at the harmonious interplay of lacquered wood, audacious bronzes, exquisite leathers, artisanal glass, and captivating ceramics.


Whether you seek a statement piece for a grand city residence or a subtle touch of elegance for a seaside villa, Capri Interiors has something extraordinary to offer.


Our showroom beckons you to explore its various corners, where console tables, sideboards, and coffee tables coexist with table accessories, paintings, lamps, sculptures, and statues.


Each item tells its own story, curated with passion and a commitment to craftsmanship.

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At Capri Interiors, we transcend collections and conformity. Every piece you encounter is either unique or part of a limited edition, ensuring that your selection reflects your individuality and discerning taste. 

Explore our online catalog or visit our exquisite showroom on the Island of Capri

Get inspired to infuse your living spaces with style, elegance, and a touch of the extraordinary.
Experience the captivating world of Michele Pagano, where your interior design dreams become reality.

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Michele Pagano’s visionary approach invites you to reimagine your home, creating spaces that are as exceptional as you are.